travel agent heidi

I've  worked as a travel agent for more than 15 years and feel lucky to still be booking trips for my wonderful clients. I love living in Colorado with my husband and 2 school-aged children but having
grown up in Massachusetts, there's a part of my heart still in New England.
Having  children gives me first-hand knowledge of the challenges parents face while traveling and how important it is to try and find family-friendly activities. We recently took a cruise and try to do a vacation together every year, so I have experience researching and organizing family trips.  
The most enjoyable  part of my job is making memories for clients and helping them plan vacations  - especially to new places. I love that my job is never boring - every day a new location and opportunity to help a client. No request is too small so if you need a hotel stay, fabulous vacation or just a simple airline ticket please give me the opportunity to help you make new memories!